Bag up Some Chopped Salad

imagesIf you’ve perused the salad menu in any trendy restaurant lately you’re probably well aware that chopped salads are oh-so popular right now. True to its name, a chopped salad consists of a whole bunch of veggies and lettuce, cabbage or other greens that are chopped to be the same size as the veggies, giving the whole salad a uniform chopped consistency. This is a really nice way to prepare a salad, especially if you’re trying to watch calories and you only want to use salad dressing sparingly. A light amount of dressing mixes very easily into a chopped salad as opposed to covering large leaves of greens.


Chopped salad makes a wonderful option for snack time because you can prepare a whole bunch ahead of time and eat it whenever you want. Chop up some carrots, celery, onions, peppers, kale, cabbage and various kinds of lettuce and then place your chopped salad in a large ziploc bag to keep it fresh for a few days. Pull out some salad whenever you want a healthy and fresh snack and toss it in some light, low-fat vinaigrette dressing. You’ll end up using a lot less dressing, which will save you some calories, and once this salad is all chopped and stored in a bag it’s so convenient and easy to reach for whenever you’re hungry for a quick snack.


  1. melissa says:

    yeah! this is exactly what i do!

  2. Bailey W says:

    Never heard of chopped salad, I usually break my green up by hand the old fashioned way. I will try this

  3. mikey robbins says:

    i would think it would go bad really fast, though?

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