Drinking Water Really Does Keep You Healthy and Fit

images (6)You’re no doubt aware of  the many benefits of drinking water  daily; in fact, the importance of water intake has been preached so often and  for so long, it’s  at the top if the list of  no-brainers for healthy living. Water is the healthiest beverage available the body; it helps hydrate tissue and blood cells, cleanse organs and eliminate waste, and keeps our bodies from dehydrating during exercise and on hot days.

Water is one of the most important dietary  tools a person can rely on during a weight loss regimen, and just to maintain a healthy balance between weight and nutrition.

If you don’t already eat a healthy diet, when you begin to incorporate nutritious meals and exercise into your lifestyle, the initial number of pounds that are shed quickly will be water weigh, so it’s so important to replenish your body’s water stores to avoid dehydration. Water retention shouldn’t be a problem as long as you maintain a healthy diet; your water intake will help flush your body of toxins released as your body burns calories and fat.  Cool, clear, refreshing water combines with dietary fiber  to increase productivity in the digestive tract and make you feel fuller when you drink it with meals.

How much water you should drink depends on your weight and how active you are. Ideally, you will know you’re getting enough water i your urine is vey pale yellow or clear.



  1. evelyn says:

    i feel so much better now that i get enough water

  2. Mary Mason says:

    Water is so important to shedding pounds.

  3. kyra1981 says:

    i know it is good for me, but it is just so blah

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