Fighting Your Salty Food Cravings

download (1)When it comes to our very biggest snack cravings, you know, the ones that seem nearly impossible to fight off, salty foods top the list for many people. And while we all know that it’s not the healthiest choice to reach time and again for the chips and pretzels, making the healthier choice to quit those salty snacks cold turkey might not be as simple as it sounds. Once your body is used to consuming a large amount of salt, cutting back quickly can result in strong cravings for salty foods. Also, in addition to your body simply being used to eating a lot of salt, there are other reasons why your body might be telling you to reach for those chips.


Our bodies actually do need some salt each day. Because our bodies are made up of so much water they need the electrolytes from salt to stay balanced. But the body only needs about a teaspoon of salt each day, and the problem is we usually give them a whole lot more than that. Even when we cut back on salty snacks and stop adding extra salt to our food at the dinner table, we must also be aware that there is a ton of sodium in many prepared and frozen foods. Salt is a preservative that adds a lot of flavor so it’s used in many foods that come from a box or a can. Certain people have medical reasons why their bodies crave salt; adrenal disorders can cause strong salt cravings that, if indulged, can lead to serious problems such as high blood pressure. The best way to manage your salt consumption is to cut back gradually from snacks and added salt so your cravings won’t be overwhelming.


  1. Lowell says:

    How could you? Not good to see that pic while I’m so hungry

  2. marisol l says:

    good to know! i eat more than 1 tsp of salt a day, for sure

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