Get Rid of Those Thanksgiving Leftovers

imagesThere are two ways we can overeat and veer off our healthy eating path during a holiday like Thanksgiving. We can eat way too much on that one day, which makes us uncomfortable but rarely results in a severe amount of damage to our fitness and healthy progress. However, the other method of common holiday eating can be quite a bit more dangerous, and that’s when that one day of feasting turns into an entire long weekend of feasting. Then, if we’re not careful, that turns into slacking off on our eating all throughout the holidays. And before we know it, January is here and we’re feeling very full and unhealthy indeed.


Now is the time to put a stop to that “holiday creep,” as it is often known. Those calories and pounds can creep on quite easily without us noticing if we’re not careful. If you are left with a whole lot of leftovers at the beginning of this post-Thanksgiving week, get rid of them as fast as you can. You want to keep that turkey for soup? Great. But those casseroles, fatty side dishes, and especially all of those baked goods will do you no favors in your house. They can, however, do a lot of good for others. So, pack them up now and take them to neighbors, to your church, your work, or to a food bank in your community. You’ll be doing something very nice for people and you can reset your fridge and pantry to healthy foods again.


  1. Mary M says:

    Good advice!

  2. Jacob Rich says:

    Leftovers are gone! Poof! Not in the healthiest way, though…

  3. harriet says:

    i love to bring the uneaten pies and dishes to the local soup kitchen

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