Is Sodium Derailing Your Diet?

imagesMost people who are watching their diet and trying to eat well are aware of the many things they should try to limit in a day. The obvious culprits include calories, carbs, fat grams and sugar. But how many of us think of sodium as something we need to monitor each day? If you have high blood pressure or your doctor has placed you on a low-sodium diet for any other reason then you know the sodium song and dance all too well. But, if like so many people, you don’t have specific sodium guidelines then you may be surprised to know how much extra sodium you consume in a day and how much it can help your diet to limit that sodium intake.


Sodium causes us to retain water and makes us bloated, which is the natural enemy of any healthy diet. Many people think of limiting their sodium as simply not using table salt, but the reality is that sodium is packed into many of our favorite pre-packaged or processed foods in order to provide them with flavor. Even vegetables, which are supposed to be one of the best things we can eat, can prove to be a sodium trap if we eat veggies that are packaged in the wrong way. Any canned veggies use sodium as a preservative. Either rinse your canned veggies or, better yet, purchase fresh or even frozen veggies instead. In restaurants, always ask about sodium content and opt for lower sodium options if possible.


  1. I did a nutrition report in college and I was shocked at how much sodium I was consuming!

  2. felicia says:

    is it really that bad?

  3. Veronica Boyd says:

    Sodium is hard to avoid

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