Nutritional Ways to Fight Spring Allergies

imagesSometimes it seems like you just can’t win for losing. Some people wait and wait for a freezing cold and brutal winter to end and when they begin to see the first peeks of sun they celebrate…right up until the first sneeze of allergy season hits them. If you’re an allergy sufferer who is extremely sensitive to airborne irritants, springtime isn’t all sunshine and butterflies, it’s often puffy, runny eyes, nasal congestion and difficulty breathing. If this describes your normal springtime state then you likely have a whole lot of allergy medication that you regularly take. But there are also nutritional ways that you can help fight against your spring allergies and you may want to turn to some of these foods to help ease your symptoms.


It may seem like dairy products, especially milk, can make matters worse when you’re full of mucus, but some nutritionists believe that the probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus that is often added to milk and yogurt can help to lessen the effects of a cedar-pollen allergy. Clear soups, or broths, are also helpful to clear your nasal passages and thin out your mucus. These soups include miso soup or any sort of clear broth such as chicken broth. It is also said that the consumption of fatty acids that contain omega-3, such as those found in salmon and other fish can really help improve your lung function. People with severe allergies are encouraged to eat fish three times a week to help with their breathing. You should also eat a generally healthy diet of plenty of fruits and vegetables to help your immune system stay strong and fight against the allergies.


  1. I like that using nutrition to fight allergies is becoming so mainstream!

  2. blair says:

    i will try that and see if it helps *sniff*

  3. jessie says:

    so glad i dont have allergies!

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