Replace the High Fat Nuts With a Lower Fat Choice

download (2)We always hear that the dinners themselves at our holiday get togethers aren’t really the problem. Often people who are eating dinner with a large group of family just take one plate of food and tend not to overeat they way they would if they were at home with just their immediate family. Instead, it’s quite commonly the desserts and especially the appetizers that we end up overindulging on. You eat enough “little bites” of snacks at enough holiday parties and you’ll end up blowing your healthy diet.


Beware of eating too many snacks when you’re at other people’s homes this holiday season, and if you’re the one hosting the party, why not swap out a few of the fattier snacks with healthier options that are just as tasty? For instance, nuts are everywhere at holiday parties; pretty much every table has a dish filled with high fat nuts such as cashews and these are the types of snacks we mindlessly munch on all day without thinking about the extra calories. Replace those high fat nuts with soy nuts or roasted edamame, which have a deliciously salty and roasted flavor without all that fat. You can buy roasted edamame if you’re in a rush, or they are positively delectable when they’re roasted with sea salt and olive oil. Incidentally, eating nuts that are lower in fat and higher in protein is a great tip for all year round and not just during the holidays.


  1. Brianna says:

    Yum! What a great idea for something to bring to my in-laws’ house

  2. Kevin says:

    I have never tried roasted edamame, is it really comparable to delicious nuts?

  3. vanessa says:

    oooh, it’s so hard when you are cooking to not “try” everything, at least once.

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