Should You Eat Carbs After 2PM?

images (5)There are always new buzz words in the world of nutrition and eating right, and carbohydrates is one word that has stayed at the forefront of the diet and nutrition industry for a long time now. Some diets want you to cut carbs out of your diet completely, and while this will undoubtedly result in weight loss if that’s your goal, it will also result in weight loss that is nearly impossible to maintain, unless you plan on not eating carbs for the rest of your life. And, let’s face it, that’s not a very practical or attractive proposition.

Recently, however, more and more nutrition experts have spoken out to say that limiting carbs is a far better and more practical way to go. And certain experts feel that if you limit your carb consumption to certain times of the day you’ll be able to keep eating carbs without having them do damage to your diet or waistline. The theory behind this is that your body process carbs most efficiently in the morning when your metabolism first wakes up and starts working hard after resting all night. After 2pm, according to some nutritionists, Your body won’t eat up the carbs you put into it as fully, and whatever it doesn’t process it will dump into your fat cells. However, like most things, take this advice with a grain of salt. Not all carbs are created equal. A piece of fruit eaten late at night, although it contains carbs, will burn quite differently than if you eat a bunch of bread as midnight snack.


  1. Mary M says:

    So true, we tend to lump all carbs into one category

  2. Interesting info, I had never hear the 2pm benchmark before.

  3. good to know! i will try to stay away from carbs after 2pm.

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