Walk the Mall Before You Do Your Christmas Shopping

downloadWith all the extra snacking and dining out we do during the holidays we often end up eating more than usual. And with our insanely busy social calendars this time of year we often end up with far less time to work out. That combination can be just lethal, can’t it? Perhaps the key isn’t to ask Santa for more hours in the day, (we’ve tried it; it doesn’t work), but instead to find ways to multitask so that you can fit in some exercise while still getting everything done you need to accomplish on your list. Then you’ll own the holidays and all will be right with the world.


For example, we’re all looking for time right now to get out and do our Christmas shopping. The next time you need to head to the mall with your Christmas gift list in hand go just a little bit early or stay just a little bit later and do some power walking at the mall. This is the perfect time of year to check out all the store displays and do some truly great people watching, all while you get in a workout. Make a couple laps around the mall before you attack your shopping so you can move at a quick pace without bags to weigh you down. By then you will have probably chosen some stores that look like they have gifts that might interest you. Then you can slow down your pace and get in some more walking while you shop til you drop.


  1. Kelly says:

    Great idea! This sounds like fun!

  2. Irene Garrison says:

    I was planning on doing all of my shopping online this year…

  3. This is a good way to get in a workout-the stairs instead of the escalators can help, too.

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