Walking During Lunch Saves Time and Gives You Afternoon Energy

images (4)You know you don’t have to spend three hours each day in the gym to stay fit and to feel great. Many health experts say that walking is a wonderful way to exercise and to keep the heart and the rest of the body healthy and happy. But we hear time and time again from people how they simply can’t find the time to fit that daily walk into their busy schedules. Many people don’t even have a minute to catch their breath until they get home from work in the evening after a long day and by then they’re simply too exhausted to head out for a walk.


Instead, why not gather some support from a co-worker or two and create a little group that walks together during your lunch hour at work. Walking during your lunch break has a few huge benefits – obviously you’ll be getting in your daily exercise, which is great, but you’ll also be saving yourself some time by getting that workout in during the work day so you don’t have to worry about it when you get home at night. And, one of the best upsides to walking on your lunch hour is that it gives you a great shot of energy to carry you into your long afternoon at work and it can help you fight off that tired afternoon feeling. Bring your lunch to work, and after you eat your sandwich and your apple, you and your friends can get outside and walk for 30 minutes each work day. You’ll be feeling fit in no time.


  1. manda franco says:

    not a bad idea…

  2. Kevin says:

    I don’t get an hour lunch break like that, but I try to squeeze a little walk in a the store and wherever I can

  3. valeri says:

    i just don’t think that there is enough time

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